Bi-Drum Water Tube Boiler

Technical Specification

Industries : All Process Plant
Capacity : 10 TPH to 100 TPH
Working Pressure. :10.5 kg/cm2 to 87 Kg/cm2
Temperature : Saturated to 500°C

Description: Unique design with ample water holding capacity, tall furnace for complete combustion of fuel particles within the furnace zone, High-Pressure Boiler with highly advanced technology that enables the most efficient combustion of fuel as well as makes the boiler highly fuel flexible. High-Pressure Boilers have wide application in wide range of industries like paper, textile, chemicals, distillers, rubber solvent, pharmaceuticals, food processing etc. High Pressure Boilers operates with different type of furnaces like FBC, travelling grate, pulsating grate, dumping grate etc. High-Pressure Boilers furnaces also operate on multiple fuels such as coal, rice husk, bagasse, lignite, mustard straw; saw dust, wood chips, groundnut shell, spent wash, cotton stock, palm fiber etc.