Project Management

  • We follow the latest Project Management Techniques to ensure timely delivery of projects.
  • Project Manager, single focal point contact for Client who ensures effective coordination with internal department.
  • Vendors and contractors.
  • Planning & scheduling is done via MS Project Software.

Quality Assurance and Control

  • We are an ISO certified Company.
  • Approved IBR certified Boiler Manufacturer Class¬† II (Up to 12o kg / cm 2 ).
  • All QC procedures & documentation are in place.
  • Manufacturing of Pressure Part as Per IBR and ASME Guidelines.
  • Ensures strict compliance to QAP.
  • Dedicated QC lab at factory.
  • Dedicated QC dept. to ensure quality is given utmost importance at shop as well as site.

Environment Health and Safety

  • EHS is given utmost importance.
  • EHS standards and Manual in place.
  • Regular training to shop and field engineers on EHS.
  • Safety Posters are installed across workshop and sites.